Posted by: Dutty Philosophy | September 18, 2010


Enjoy It!


  1. thank you so much dutty hamid i love you

  2. i mean thank you duttyphilosophy n

  3. OhOhOhOh–look what i find!?
    Wordpress is not much bad as i think!!!!
    look like you got stick your girls like glue huh?

    yo im just jokin’ man–so about go girl: i wanna download it what i have to do??

  4. yo sorry i have a low connection and i cant see what’s on that post *Fancy Footwork* in allseanpaul so i read some of comments but i could not understand what is it exactly!!!

  5. Ahaha mi dunno those girls… But it seems they know me!!!

    First of all, I’m not gonna post download link of new songs here!
    Secondly, I’ll send that video to your email soon when I find time.
    Thirdly, my connection speed is lower than yours! So dont worry! 🙂

  6. LOL ok man you win but can ya send the download links to my email too? plzzzzzzzzzzz?

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