Posted by: Dutty Philosophy | December 23, 2010


Recently there have been so many rumors about Sean Paul’s relationship. Some people say that he has probably broken up with Jodi Stewart. But I guess this picture shows that Mr.Henriques is still going out with Jodi & Rebecca… no no no, Just Jodi!!


  1. Im so happy to hear that someone is willing to put up with all the bullshit when dating or getting married to someone in the music field….. “Mazel Tov” to Jodi~ I still refuse to see Sean Paul in concert (LOL) but i’ll have mah boyfriend spend his money to buy me his new CD when it comes out (LOL) sappy new year 2011

  2. Ps: I think that photo is the most happiest i’ve seen S.P. Since I’ve been a fan! I’ve linked my site to this photo~

  3. if they’re still together today, it would be .. a little bit sad.. for me xD no.. but if he is happy, I am happy too also a loyal fan just šŸ™‚

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