Posted by: Dutty Philosophy | July 30, 2011

You talk too long, Beenie!

A few weeks ago, a new song by Beenie Man was dropped called No Talk Too Long.
From what I’ve understood, it somehow seems to be a song to dis Bounty Killer, but it’s not just Bounty who is bashed in this tune.

In the middle of this song, Beenie says:
I recall dat I’m still di King of the dancehall.
When di feds did waan Buju,
di driva dem call.
Bigga head a conspire fi di ghetto yute fall,
mi nuh uptown, mi nuh Shaggy or Sean Paul.
Mi a di real hero fi di dancehall.

This is not the first time that we hear such comments about Sean Paul – that he’s an uptowner, he doesn’t have Dancehall in his blood, bla bla…
For all these comments, I just know one word: JEALOUSY
I don’t know who that Beenie Man thinks he is, and what’s going on between him and Bounty Killer, but I really wonder how many people outside Jamaica know him. I myself like his music so much, but he must accept that in the music world he is NOBODY.
Sean Paul has so many times called himself a soldier, an ambassador for Jamaica. And I whole-heartedly agree with that.
If I know who Beenie Man is, if I know who Bounty Killer is, if I know who Buju Bunton is, even if I know who Bob Marley is… better to say if I know what dancehall and reggae is, it’s all because I know who Sean Paul is.
So you can continue calling yourself “di king of Dancehall”, Mr. Beenie… But believe me, no one gives a damn about who you are, as long as there is someone in the business named Sean Paul.


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