Posted by: Dutty Philosophy | August 4, 2011

POLL: Do You Think “Got 2 Luv U” Could Be A Good Single For New Album?

Hot Gyal Today was the first single of Stage One album, Gimme The Light the first single of Dutty Rock album, We Be Burnin’ the first single of The Trinity album, and So Fine the first single of Imperial Blaze.
It seems that the song Got To Love You, the new single by Sean Paul featuring young talented artist Alexis Jordan is going to be the first single of Mr. Henriques’ upcoming album.
According to SP himself, this is going to be a different album in which, non-Jamaican producers have tried to produce dancehall tunes for him.
Got 2 Luv U is a beautiful song, but there are some important points about it. First of all, the fact is that although it’s a Dutty Paul song, the summit of the tune is when Alexis sings, not when Sean does. When we think of other Sean Paul duets with female singers like Breathe (featuring Blu Cantrell), Baby Boy (featuring Beyonce), Break It Off (featuring Rihanna) and many more ,we see that the most enjoyable parts are Sean Paul’s verses!
One more thing about this song is that, I think the tune is not catchy enough. Songs like We Be Burnin, So Fine and Gimme Di Light were the kind of songs that after a while listening to, you spontaneously got the lyrics and repeated them while you were strolling through streets, when you were in car, at bed, or in bathroom!
We’re going to conduct a poll to find out your thoughts about this song, whether you find the song “Got 2 Love U” good enough to be the first single of next album or not. So don’t hesitate to let us and other SP fans around the world know your opinion.

The first singles of Sean Paul’s albums:
1. Stage One: Hot Gal Today
2. Dutty Rock: Gimme The Light
3. The Trinity: We Be Burnin’
4. Imperial Blaze: So Fine
5. ? : ?


  1. Hello!

    I am a French fan of Sean Paul!
    “Got 2 Luv U” is different “So Fine” or “We Be Burnin ‘”, but I find it really quite grip. We remember well the “Got 2 Luv U” repeatedly sung by SP and AJ at the same time! The duo works well in France as it is 2nd on iTunes. Waiting for the clip forward.
    SP to state that the single album announced well even though work on it and it still did not find any name to his new album.
    But we know that another sound will be produced by Stargate (producer of “Got 2 Luv U) and that Akon would also produce a sound,” Lights On “, where Sean will sing more in English.
    Two songs will be produced by Benny Blanco.
    The album will be a mixture of Dancehall Music and Dance, and we can expect a sound a little different than usual.

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