Posted by: Dutty Philosophy | September 22, 2011

New Album: The Litmus Test

There’s a saying that it’s hard to become a champion, but harder to stay as a champion.
“Dutty Rock” was the beginning of fame for Sean Paul, and “The Trinity” was the proof of his stability as a claimed artist. Then it took him 4 years to ready the next album. “Imperial Blaze” was a new step in Sean Paul’s musical career. After two very successful albums, the man from Kingston felt that he needed to show a new visage to the listeners. But it didn’t turn out to be the new thing that people needed.
We cannot say that Imperial Blaze was complete failure, but it wasn’t the badge of Sean Paul’s music for sure. There was no a billboard top ten song, and apart from commercial view, even his hardcore fans didn’t seem to be totally pleased with what they listened to.
Now after 2 years, it seems that the next album is going to be released on February 2012. And something is clear; Sean Paul is going under another facelift. New hairstyle, and new people whom he’s working with.

At first glance, the most noticeable thing about new album is collaborations, something that was clearly missed in Imperial Blaze. The first single is “Got 2 Love U” featuring Alexis Jordan, and the second one will probably be “How Deep Is Your Love” featuring ex-member of Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland.
Then in terms of production, we see a clear change. Both tracks mentioned above are produced by Norwegian duo, Stargate. There are some tracks in the album produced by Benny Blanco and Akon. Although most tracks of the album are probably produced by Jamaican dancehall producers, but seeing some well-known names in international level is not something to be easily overlooked.

Songs like “Got To Love You” are not pure dancehall, but at this stage it seems that S.P has chosen this kind of style to have a comeback to top charts.

The new album is an opportunity for Sean Paul to conquer music charts once again, but to be able to do so, he needs a lot more support from Atlantic Records and his fans… He knows that he already has the second one.


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