Posted by: Dutty Philosophy | December 9, 2011

Tomahawk Technique … will it be the official album title?

Recently Sean Paul in some interviews has said that the title for the new album will be “Tomahawk Technique”. Here’s an article in French which from what I understood using Google Online Translation, Sean Paul has chosen this title to illustrates how hard, like a warrior, he has worked for new album, and also how far dancehall music could go.
Tomahawk refers to an axe, a missile and a fighter plane.
This website has also claimed that the new album will be released on January 30th, 2012.

Sean Paul - Tomohawk Technique

Here’s also another article by Reuters:

Although we still have to wait for official announcement by Atlantic Records and about album title and release date…


  1. Hi, I’m French,….I’ve been reading the french source, and what you said is allright.According to ChartsInFrance, the man wil release his last album by the end of next january, in France first, just because ‘she doesn’t mind and Got2Luv U’ were very much appreciated there. English release will follow a little after.The article also says Paul is aiming to win the ‘Top Albums Award’ with ‘Tomahawk technique’. That explains why he featured highly competent producers, Benny Blanco, Stargate and Rico Love.
    To quote Paul: ” With ‘Tomahawk technique’, I wanted to prove to the whole world how far can dancehall music get, and give the very best of dancehall music to my fans.This album materializes my artistic maturity, and it have been very pleasuring to work on it. I am convinced that all the people who helped me with this have done the best and I can’t stand to see the reaction of my fans”.

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