Posted by: Dutty Philosophy | December 23, 2011

Tomahawk Technique: Tracklist

The album will be released in France, Belgium and Switzerland on Jan 27, 2012. Germany and Austria on Feb 10, 2012 and the UK and Ireland March 12. Stay tuned for the US release date being announced soon!

Tomahawk Technique Tracklist:
1. Got 2 Luv U (feat. Alexis Jordan)
2. She Doesn’t Mind
3. Body
4. What I Want
5. Won’t Stop (Turn Me Out)
6. Dream Girl
7. Hold On
8. How Deep Is Your Love (feat. Kelly Rowland)
9. Put It On You
10. Roll Wid Di Don
11. Touch The Sky
12. Wedding Crashers

These information has been taken from Sean Paul official website. It’s really strange that there only 12 tracks on the album (which we have already listened to 5 of them). And Sean Paul had so many times said during his interviews that there was going to be a song called “Lights On” produced by Akon on the album, but where is that in the tracklist?

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