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Dancehall From International Perspective – Tomahawk Technique Review

Dancehall From International Perspective – Tomahawk Technique Review

Tomahawk Technique is the fifth studio album by dancehall superstar Sean Paul that was released in late January 2012.
The previous album, Imperial Blaze, was commercially almost a failure. So it was crystal clear that to be able to get back to success route, Sean Paul needed to take a different approach for this one. His previous albums were all Jamaican-made, produced by Jamaican people. But this time Sean Paul decided to distance himself from JA dancehall producers and get involved with more internationally known producers.
Tomahawk Technique has not been released in US yet, but so far we can say it’s been internationally a success, ot at least near success.
This album has only 12 tracks which seems a little odd comparing to the previous ones by SP but this has made the album short and sweet. In his interviews before releasing the album, Sean Paul said that he had done more songs to put there, including “Lights On” produced by Akon and another one produced by Benny Blanco, but apparently the company has stashed them away for another album or mixtape in near future.

The first track of the album is “Got 2 Luv U” featuring former America’s Got Talent phenomenon, Alexis Jordan. The song starts with both singers chanting its famous hook, then Sean doing his verse, Alexis singing her own part, Sean spitting the second verse, Alexis repeating her part again and after that singing a bridge, meanwhile Sean saying some words, and the song finishes with both singers singing the hook. all this hustling has made this song a beautiful one, although it still remains a doubt whether it was a wise decision to pick it out as the first single of album.
The second track is “She Doesn’t Mind” which is probably the most successful hit on the album. The same thing could have happened with the song “Now That I’ve Got Your Love” on Imperial Blaze if they hadn’t botched it up with a terrible music video.
Then comes the track “Body” which Sean Paul himself had mentioned it as the third single of album, something that never happened. It has a fast tempo but somehow Sean Paul’s verses and chorus seem a little slow for it, and the lyrics and background music don’t match with each other well.
The fourth track is “What I Want“, which I confess that it was my favorite one when I first listened to the album. Its chorus truly drives you mad!
Then we reach the song “Turn Me Out“. If this track had been in another singer’s album and Sean Paul had appeared as guest artist, I would have highlighted it as a decent track. But as a Sean Paul song, no. We expect him more. It is rumored that Chris Brown’s voice will replace Rico Love’s in US edition of the album. (And I have to admit that I hate it when there are two different titles for a single song! When I was writing this article, I didn’t know to introduce this track as Wont Stop or Turn Me Out!).
Since Sean Paul had sung a short snippet of “Dream Girl” in one of his interviews, all of his fans were eagerly counted the days to hear the full song, and we can say that Sean Paul didn’t disappoint them with it. Dream Girl has the kind of effect on Tomahawk Technique that “Hold My Hand” had on Imperial Blaze.
Hold On” is a song about motivation and perseverance, and is mostly about sportsmen. It’s a great encouraging tune with nice verses and chorus, but I think it would have been better if it had had a third verse too. A music video has been shot for this song and probably they want to release it near London 2012 Olympic Games, while it is said that Usain Bolt has appeared in the video too.
How Deep Is Your Love” is a song featuring former member of Destiny’s Child group, Kelly Rowland. The way the song goes on is so similar to Got 2 Lov U. A few weeks before publishing the album, a sample version of this track was released on internet, in which Ester Dean sings Kelly Rowland’s parts. In the final version, Sean Paul’s verses has been cut down a little and the intro is completely removed too.
Put It On You” is almost the most typical song of Sean Paul on this album, and it’s a good one that you don’t get tired of listening to.
The last track of Imperial Blaze album was “I Know U Like It” produced by Sean Paul himself. And here we have “Roll Wid Di Don“, another Sean Paul production, which was already released on Material Riddim in December 2011. Comparing these two tracks with each other, you could see how Sean Paul has made progress in terms of production.
Touch The Sky” is a pure club song, which I don’t think in any way is inferior to other club hits we here a lot these days. Maybe if they released it as a single, it would have more success than similar songs of that style. And in today’s rough-and-tumble world of DJs, it seemed a must to the company to include DJ Ammo’s name in the tracklist! (And now that we are talking about DJs, it’s worth mentioning that before this album Sean Paul had done a song with David Guetta too, but no one knows what happened to that song!).
The last track of album is “Wedding Crashers” featuring Future Fambo which was first published on Matrimoney Riddim. It was popular both due to its funny lyrics and music video, and also the fact that Fambo has recently received a very positive feedback after his hit “I’m Okay/Drinking Rum And Redbull” with Beenie Man. But honestly, Wedding Crashers seems more a Fambo’s song than Sean Paul’s.

In a nutshell, we can say that Tomahawk Technique is a much more well-organized album than Imperial Blaze, and Sean Paul once again proves that he is the number one dancehall artist in the biz. I think one thing that Tomahawk Technique really lacks is a fast song like So Fine, Watch Dem Roll, or Temperature. And the fact that he sings more in English in this album has made it easier for listeners to listen to the songs!

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