Posted by: Dutty Philosophy | July 12, 2012

Sean Paul Talks Vybz Kartel Skin Bleaching, “I Don’t Like It”

International dancehall star Sean Paul has for the first time opens up about Vybz Kartel controversial skin bleaching.
During an interview with urbanworld, Sean Paul says he understands that Kartel is a Rockstar but he does not agree with the bleaching of the skin.

“A lot of people been asking me about his behavior and what he is in trouble with right now but I keep telling them I don’t know anything about his personal life, I don’t know why he would do that to himself either but obviously he is a men that like his thing out there. Let’s face it everybody is a Rockstar… but I don’t really agree with him changing up too much, I don’t like tattoos but that’s cool i can appreciate tattoo on other people, but I don’t think you should want to change up so much. Other than that he is a good artist, he is a talented fellow, am just sorry he dash away his thing for vanity.”

Sean Paul also address why he has not collaborate with Vybz Kartel.

“A lot of people ask me how comes you never do a tune with a man like that and am like the behavior of that man who do tune with a man who was bigger than him at the time and then turn around and diss him, that is your people who bring you up, I don’t stand for that.”

Some critics are calling Sean Paul’s statement a diss towards to self proclaim Worl’Boss, however, SP is simply voicing his opinion on one of the most controversial saga of the dancehall genre.


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