Posted by: Dutty Philosophy | September 19, 2012

“How Deep Is Your Love” Video Shoot

Sean Paul ft. Kelly Rowland – How Deep Is Your Love
Music Video
Shoot Date: 09/14/12
Lacation: NYC
Project Synopsis (According to The camera opens looking out from a window onto the street as the sun peaks through. We pan from the window over to the couch where we see a man and woman being playful with each other after just waking up. She leans over to him falling in his arms as he pulls her close to him… they kiss. He kisses her playfully on the cheek as she gently plays with head. She looks over at the clock and realizes that she is way behind schedule. She quickly hops off the couch and runs into the bathroom leaving the door slightly open. A close-up shot captures their hands unlocking as they pull away both headed in opposite directions. We cut back and forth between them as they walk… neither one of them can help but look back at the other and smile. Moments later they both disappear from each others sight. We shoot a series of moments that capture the deep connection they have with each other as they run around the city doing whatever they want: These shots will be real-time mixed with stop motion.

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